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Pracitcal Tips for Being Friends

About this site

Can women with and without kids really be friends?  I think it's rare, but possible-- like finding some  flirty high heels that are also incredibly comfortable.  Now you maybe thinking, of course we can all be friends.  It matters who you are as a person, not if you have kids or not.  That's very nice and all kumbaya but it is true?  Think about the about the last time you really had a real conversation with someone from the other tribe. A facebook update doesn't count.  Some Moms and childfree women do more than acknowledge that it's hard to be friends. They claim it's impossible.

If you look at some Mom blogs on this subject, they claim it's the Unspoken Rule Among Parents. Once you become a mom, all your friends end up being moms.  And if you look at some of the child free blogs they don't even want to become friends with women that are just considering having children.

I realize there are lost causes on both sides.  I think that there would be more friendships among the two tribes if they understood each side a little better and had some practical advice on how to keep/resurrect a friendship.  So that's the purpose of this blog.  I'd like to hear from both sides.  Moms, what do you wish your childfree friends understood better?  Childfree chicks, what would you say to your mom friends,  if you weren't worried about how they would react?

I've started a Tips for Moms page which explains how you can be the "cool" mom among your friends without kids.  And I've also created a Tips for the Childfree on how to be friends with moms without waiting until kids are in college.   Got some other tips? Let me know and I'll post them.