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Pracitcal Tips for Being Friends

Tips for moms

Moms, want to be the "cool" parent among your childfree friends? Just follow these tips.

1. Edit all your kid stories-by 90%. The secret to great jokes, outfits, and everything important in life is good editing.
2. If you're talking on the phone, don't let your kids interrupt you unless it's an emergency. As in 911 or a plumber needs to be called.
3. Same goes for when you're meeting in person.
4. Trust that your husband knows how to take care of his own kids. If he's watching the kids outside while we're meeting in the living room, don't be looking out the window 99% of the time while continually shaking your head muttering how you would do a much better job.
5.  Don't rely on us to make 100% of the plans.  We're willing to do the majority of the initiating, we just don't want to do all of it.